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Investigating Soil!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Green Level (more information on the green level)

Investigating Soil!

Grab your magnifying glass and your science notebook. Let’s learn about soil!

Questions for educators and caregivers to ask:

What do you notice about soil?

What is its texture?

What does it smell like?

What changes when you add water?

What changes when you add sand?

What kinds of critters have you found in the soil?

What kinds of rocks have you found in the soil?

What do you see in the soil when you look with your magnifying glass?

What grows in the soil?

Why do you think plants and animals need soil?

Why do you think people need soil?

Books about soil to check out:

Soils by Grace Hansen

One Small Square: Backyard by Donald M. Silver

Dirt (Jump into Science) by Steve Tomecek

More soil activities:

Educational videos about soil:

Where Does Soil Come From? (SciShow, captions available)

Layers of Soil (Dr. Binocs, captions available)

What is Soil Erosion & Conservation? (Dr. Binocs, with captions)

Soil is Alive! (SciShow, captions available)

See a Google Document with this information

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